Wholesale Trade


Wholesale trade is a major component of our business. We deal with many retail stores and market stall holders around the world. We offer a wide range of products at unbeatable prices, all made right here in the USA. We have a dedicated wholesale website for trade customers. Full details about our wholesale operation can be provided upon receipt of your inquiry and some information about your business. Please review the information below for details about the products we offer, minimum requirements, and terms of sale and then send us a message via the contact page to sign up.

Our Products

  • We sell wholesale buttons only (no CDs or books).
  • Our wholesale badges are 1 1/4" in size
  • Quick turnaround (2-3 weeks for custom orders) upon receipt of payment


  • 80 buttons, any category or quantity (you pick and choose, send a list via email!)
  • $40 for first order of 80 (shipping is included)

  • $30 for each subsequent order of 80 (shipping is included)

Terms of Sale

  • Items are not permitted to be sold on eBay or any auction sites

  • If you do not agree with these terms of sale - do not buy!

Payment Options

  • Personal or Bank Check
  • Credit Card (via PayPal)

  • USA Money Order

  • PayPal.com

How Do I Sign Up?

  • Genuine retail outlets or market stalls only, please

  • Send us a message via the contact page
  • Tell us a little about the location and nature of your business
  • We'll email you back with the details on Ousted Buttons wholesale

  • You place an order, we send goodies, you sell goodies, repeat