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Henry Rollins is, contrary to his personal thoughts about himself, the MAN. Rollins clearly defines life, in the most analytical and aware terms. He is not arrogant like most people think, nor is he like the "Liar" video by Rollins Band (the song is a slight hint of sarcasm). Rollins is nothing like that hype. If you read any of his writings or lyrics, you would see that he is real, true, angry, misunderstood, strong-minded, sick of the shitty things about the world (crime, drugs, racism, abuse of power, etc), and lonely but in a way, content. I created this page for Henry Rollins because his thoughts, writings, ideas, spoken word albums and above all, his personality, have helped me deal with a lot of the crap, ignorance and stupidity in my life. He always tells it like it is, whether it's music, girls, sex, anger, frustration, whatever the topic. Rollins is real, and not afraid to show the world his anger and thoughts. He consistently and effectively opens my mind every single day about many MANY aspects about life, and I respect him immensely. I've been a die-hard Henry Rollins fan since I first heard of Black Flag from my cousin back in 1985 and then once again in 1992, at which time I really got into his writings and spoken word stuff. I began writing in 1990. Two years later, I finally read a few Rollins books, and inside was exactly the same things I felt and had written even two years before.... I have followed his life closely ever since. Check out tons of Rollins stuff.


Listen to Rollins' "I Know You" excerpt from the book Black Coffee Blues. The reading is from the rare Boxed Life spoken word double-CD set. ((c) Henry Rollins. all rights reserved.) This is a lo-fi mp3 and should play fine with your MP3 player. This is an incredible writing (the file is just under 1 megabyte, which shouldn't take too long to download). Read along with the writing as you listen.



me and the man - january 23rd, 2004
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