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updated august 2nd, 2007


You remember the first time you heard the [P]. Your world was immediately set on fire, wasn't it? You also remember the first time you heard gorgeous, dreamy vocals over hip-hop beats, and something in your brain said "wait, this isn't R+B, this is sooooo much better..... what the hell is this?"

It's called trip-hop. And you knew that, 'cause you're here. And yeah, I know that trip-hop is a term/classification that is HATED by most of the artists associated with the words, but then again, it's a term that's been around for about 15 years now. It's not going away, and neither is the amazing music.

This site is called for clarity purposes. When most people hear the words "trip-hop", they immediately think of bands like Portishead, DJ Shadow, Massive Attack, Tricky, Mono, Puracane, etc.

Trip-hop is music for intelligent minds, spiritual souls, and open-minded ears. It is a style of music that is (quality-speaking), above and beyond the weak punk and teen pop music all over eMpTyV. Despite trip-hop's small following (especially in the US) you can hear its influence all over pop radio in the US and the UK (Dido, Jem, Norah Jones, Gorillaz, etc.).

Despite mass opinion, trip-hop does has a rabid following, and there are too few websites on the genre, especially in English. So, welcome. This is the internet's first all-in-one trip-hop/downtempo production, recording, and album resource. It is for fans, producers, and musicians alike. Enjoy.